Experiences you should try in Singapore

First time being in Singapore? Looking for something interesting to do other than shop & eat? Here’s a few interesting ideas you might enjoy!

Photo Credit: TTGAsia
  1. Opera Experience

Chinese Opera is a popular form of entertainment brought by migrants from South China. In Singapore, Chinese Opera is a dying art and this is one of the only Opera house you will be able to experience and learn more about the art of Chinese Opera. 

During the experience, you will be able to go behind the scenes of staging Chinese Opera performances and meet the third generation of one of the last remaining Teochew Opera & Puppetry troupes in Singapore. 

You will get to see them apply their expressive makeups, prepare their unique ‘water curl’ hairdos and wear their costumes. You will get an insight of their specific acting skills, use of facial expressions, gestures and postures. 

The whole duration is about 2 hours, it would be $175/person and you will go with a small group of about 10 people. 

If you’re interested to sign up, do contact them at:
Tel: (65) 6513 4337
Email: [email protected]
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, 03-308 Marina Square, Singapore 039594

      2. One Kind House 

Photo Credit: 8Days

Want to know the process of cooking the traditional Chicken Curry you’ve always eaten? They grow their own fresh crops and use them for the dishes! 

A three-course meal will be cooked for you after you learn how to grow crops, forage for baby kedondong leaves to pound into a pesto; and pluck blue pea flowers to make a uniquely different tea and rice.

It is $99/person, the spots run out quick so be sure to book your slots quickly here at their Airbnb Experience website. https://abnb.me/SqT7naFPTM?user_id=184728111&s=50

      3. Oh Dear Embroidery 

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Want to get connected with your creative side? You might find out your secret talent! During the experience, you will access an e-presentation slides including a video of the basic embroidery stitching techniques & lesson plan for beginners before the workshop.

The key basic stitching techniques will be revisited and you will learn to stitch 6 basic embroidery stitches in different shapes & sizes. After that, you will learn to stitch something you like that you found on social media by using the 6 basic embroidery stitches you have learnt. 

All materials will be provided and you will be encouraged to bring along pen and paper to take down notes that you feel like will help you!

It will be $55/person for this class! 

Do check them out here! https://abnb.me/Xg7Ttm90TV?user_id=184728111&s=50

      4. Soap Making 

Photo Credit: Ruth Romano

This is an easy-to-learn soap art class conducted in their small cozy studio and it’s for all ages from children to adults.

You’ll learn the basics about the soap making ingredients and you’ll make 2 bars (100g each) of natural soap with choice of scent/colour/design from their wide range of 100% pure essential oils, natural colourants and molds, and soap clay decorations designed by yourself.

It is $70/person and the spots run out quick so do remember to book your slot soon! Book it here: https://abnb.me/Ua03NkoqOV?user_id=184728111&s=50