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Always intrigue by movies such as Fast and Furious, Need for Speed or even Cars? This one is for all of you out that who loves speed, stunt, and cars. Not all of us are gifted with the abilities to race through the F1 track but what we are going to share with you can definitely be done.

  1. Join the Drive Rite Club

At Drive Rite, they provide advance car control, defensive and stunt classes. YES! You didn’t read wrongly, they actually provide stunt courses in which you will learn how to perform some awesome car stunts that you usually would see in the movies.  Talk about impressing your friends or that special someone huh! Once in a while, Drive Rite would also organize road trips to Malaysia with opportunities to go on a Tarmac Rallying experience at the Malacca International Motorsports Circuit.

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(Image Credit: REV Magazine)

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2. Go for a ride at KF1 Karting Circuit 

For those without a driving license, KF1 Karting Circuit allows you to go on the novice kart which goes up to 30km/hr. For those who have a driving license, you can opt for the advance kart that goes up to 50km/hr. Do not belittle the 960m karting track here as it is actually designed by a F1 track designer.

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3. Porsche Racing Experience

This is for the serious racer wannabe out there. Porsche Racing Experience comes in 3 levels, in which you will start your journey of becoming a professional racer with a 6 days in depth training at level 1. This year’s training will be held in Portugal from 22–27 November 2019. Even as you go through all the levels, there will b professional support and advice for you to eventually participate in a national or international racing series.

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4. Join the Simulation Racing Club Singapore

Probably the most affordable option on the list, at Simulation Racing Club Singapore you can experience the adrenaline rush as you drift and go through corners with their racing game simulator. More than the virtual touch, they also organize road trips and gatherings too. Check out their Facebook page now and then, and you might find a racing competition going on!

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(Image Credit: SRCS Facebook Page)

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