Real Life Blindmice Surprise

There was once a group of us wanted to surprise our friends so we blindfolded her throughout an entire MRT train ride during her birthday and brought her to a salon. Her hair was a totally mess during that time, so we decided to give her a new hair style. Honestly, I think that was not quite  bad of a surprise, but imagine if we had blindfolded her for some adventurous activity. That would be another story to tell.

See where this is going now??? That’s right! We are going to share with you a few places in Singapore where you can give your friend an experience of their lifetime as their BLINDFOLDED.

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Imagine bringing your friend right up to the seat, get the safety belt clipped on, then that’s when you remove the blindfold and WOOOSH! That’s will definitely add to the adrenaline rush of free-falling from over 40m. 

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Location: 3E River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024
Cost: $45 ($10 off if you are a student)
Advance Booking:

       2. Bukit Brown Cemetery

Bukit Brown Cemetery is one of the few surviving cemeteries of Singapore. In the day, you would be able to see joggers having their morning run and occasionally tourist would come for free introductory hill walks. Coming here in the night would probably be another story… #justsaying

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Location: 36C Lor Halwa, Singapore 298637
Cost: FREE 
Advance Booking: All you need to do is book your friends

       3. ZOVBSG

Every wonder how does a hamster in a running ball feels? Now you can put your blindfolded friend in a huge ZOVB Ball. Choose the Harness – Zovbing option and you will get to see your friend tumbling down hill. This is a really safe activity so you can even choose to not remove the blind fold. (Do consult the staff on it beforehand too)

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Location: 116 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-1655, Singapore 160116
Cost: $35 – $50 
Advance Booking:

       4. Stand Up Paddling

If you were to choose stand up paddling, remember to bring a set of extra clothing for your friend!  SUP sure has its own charms that make it one of the fastest growing water sports of the 2010s. The plus point of this activity is that it can be enjoyed by a whole group of you. 

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(Image credit: Wind Kite Surf SUP Singapore)

Location: Marine Cove, 1000 ECP, Singapore 449876
                   Pasir Ris Beach, 131 Pasir Ris Rd, Singapore 519148
Cost: $70 – $100 
Advance Booking: Whatsapp +65 9773 3045

       5. NOX Dine In The Dark

Since your friend is already blindfolded, why not join in the fun and get yourself blindfolded too at NOX! Probably the most expensive on the list, the website says that this will be “a virtual dance of your senses”. This exquisite dining experience is guided and served by blind or visually impair individuals who have been trained to provide guidance to sighted guest. 

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Location: 269 Beach Rd, Singapore 199546
Cost: $88++/Person
Advance Booking:

Remember that the point of this is to get your friends blindfolded till the surprise, so bring along a black cloth to do the trick! Also, safety still come first amongst your excitement to give your friend that surprise of their life! So stay safe and party away!