Shaken or Stirred?

As per Singapore’s foodie culture, great chefs are highly respected, even revered. But what about bartenders, who combine different liquids to contain a symphony of flavours within a cup? You’d be hard pressed to argue that their deft hands aren’t as skilled as the next chef’s.

Watching bartenders pour and mix with smooth, quick movements, who hasn’t wanted to be on the other side of the counter, even just for a minute? At these four places, bartenders are all too happy to indulge.

SIP’ The Bar Concierge

Photo Credit: SIP’ The Bar Concierge

For non-professionals not looking to turn professional (yet!), check out SIP’ The Bar Concierge’s variety of cocktail-making workshops. With minimal jargon and a bottom-up approach, two hours with them will see you nail down the basics and more. They are happy to cater to groups from 6 to 100 people and even conduct team-building workshops.

Photo Credit: SIP’ The Bar Concierge

If you and/or your friends aren’t fans of mixing work and play though, their mocktail workshops are just the thing for you! This workshop will be no less fun for its sobriety. Regardless of which of their many workshops you choose, you’ll walk away with one more skill and twice as equipped to impress your friends.

Sip & Savour LLP
SIM Management House
41 Namly Ave
Singapore 267616
Contact: 8200 3392 /: [email protected]

Mixes from Mars

 Photo Credit: Mixes from Mars

Bartenders take aeons to master the tricks of their trade. From the basics of knowing their liquors and shaking or stirring techniques, to flavour pairing and ice-picking, their knowledge runs the gamut. With Mixes from Mars, you’ll get more than just a peep into their world.

 Photo Credit: Mixes from Mars

Mixes from Mars’ cocktail workshops are extremely well-planned and cover all the essentials – types of liquors, equipment, shaking and stirring, and the different components of a cocktail. Learn to discern a customer’s palate, tailor a cocktail to their liking, balance the sweet and sours in a cocktail and more! Then, seize the opportunity to craft your own cocktails in the practical segment of the workshop. Bartender hopefuls, this a warm and enthusiastic gathering of inquisitive, aspiring home-bartenders will tick all your boxes.

221 Henderson Road #02-12
Henderson Building
Singapore 159557
Contact: 62547126 / [email protected]

The Secret Mermaid

Photo Credit: The Secret Mermaid

This tasting room and cocktail bar focused on American craft spirits offers cocktail workshops that will stir up your inner bartender. Beyond the basics of spirits and cocktail-making, you’ll get to create a shaken or stirred cocktail and even wield a smoke gun! With their vast selection of gin, whiskey, vodka, rum and many more from the biggest importer of American craft spirits in Asia, a workshop at The Secret Mermaid will leave you invigorated and thirsty for more. Their location in the heart of Raffles Places means you and your friends can pop by after work for an enriching experience and a fun bonding activity!

Photo Credit: The Secret Mermaid

10 Collyer Quay
Ocean Financial Centre B1-08 
Singapore 049315
Contact: [email protected]

Jigger & Pony

Photo Credit: SG Magazine

Looking to pamper your guests with a fun activity? Jigger& Pony’s private cocktail workshops promise to deliver! Grab a group of eight or more and be introduced to a whole new world of cocktails. They’ll take you over tools and techniques used behind a real bar and leave you with a happy buzz as you will enjoy two cocktails of your choice, made by your newly-minted bartender hands.

Photo Credit: Jigger & Pony

At $90/pax, the workshop may seem pricey, but factor in the two cocktails you’ll enjoy and the complementary starter bar kit and this 1-2hr workshop becomes bang for your buck. With professional and friendly bartenders, you’re guaranteed a rewarding time at Jigger & Pony!

165 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088539
Contact: 96211074 / [email protected]

Whether you’re an alcohol virgin or liquor aficionado, after these workshops, your friends will gladly suffer a hangover at your hands.

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