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Batik painting is probably that thing you did in an art class in primary or secondary school and never touched again. Well, these three places will have you wondering why you didn’t stay on that bandwagon. Whether you’re picking up a new skill, looking for a family activity or just curious, Batik painting is a lively way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Kamal Arts

Photo Credit: Goodman Arts Centre

Kamal Arts is a non-profit company that works towards healthy patronage of visual arts in Singapore and sustainable art practice by encouraging professional development for artists. They pride themselves as the go-to place of Batik painting in Singapore, with seven different Batik programmes. If you’re new to the Batik scene and just testing the waters, go for their Open Studio on Wednesdays. At just $20, participants will be introduced to traditional Batik painting methods and learn how to use tools and processes like waxing with ‘tjanting’ and dyeing. Progress at your own pace in this warm, nurturing environment!

Photo Credit: Kamal Arts

While the Open Sessions are not recommended for children below 9 years old, Kamal Arts refuses to let them miss out on the fun. Their Mini Batik sessions are highly recommended for children, who will leave elated by their beautiful Batik cloths. Interested in group events? Keen on hosting a Batik Workshop at your own venue? Kamal Arts has got you covered! Check out their website for enticing options and reasonable prices.

Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Road
Blk E #03-31
Singapore 439053
Contact: 6344 3369

Impressions Art Studio

Photo Credit: Impressions Art Studio

This bright and spacious walk-in art studio will enliven everyone’s spirits. Aside from glass fusing, sketching pottery and acrylic painting, they also offer Batik painting workshops. This is where you’ll learn the vibrant art of waxing your design and painting with fabric dyes.

Photo Credit: Impressions Art Studio

You don’t have to be satisfied with just a Batik cloth either – sew your artwork onto a bag or pillow case for a beautiful, personalized gift or something to sooth over a rough night. There’s a discount if you sign up in a group of two or more, so grab your family or friends and have a great time bonding over art and culture!

73 Loewen Road
Singapore 248843
Contact: 8182 7635 / [email protected] 


Photo Credit: LASALLE

If you’re keen on learning the ins and outs of Batik painting, LASALLE’s Batik painting workshop is just the thing for you! More than just a touch and go, this workshop will start you off by developing your art-sense and giving you a basic understanding and appreciation about different mediums and art-forms. Through this 20-hour course, participants will be effectively equipped with skills that will enable them to expand and express their own ideas, become well-versed in Batik painting techniques, and create Batik art. The small class size ensures that you will receive personal attention from LASALLE’s talented instructors.

Photo Credit: LASALLE

As this course will require more commitment on your end than the above options, we recommend going for a session at Kamal Arts or Impressions Art Studio before deciding to launch into a full-blown experience of Batik painting with LASALLE. Nevertheless, for those who decide to commit, LASALLE’s one-of-a-kind course will be worth your every penny!

McNally Campus (Main)
1 McNally Street
Singapore 187940

Winstedt Campus
9 Winstedt Road
Singapore 227976

Contact: 6496 5000 / [email protected]


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