Croissant, the uninteresting

The humble croissant needs years of expertise to get it fluffy; light and buttery. In Singapore, it can be found at most bakery stalls everywhere from the MRT stations to Shopping malls with prices ranging from as low as a dollar to the 10’s. Here are two fascinating variations of the croissants inspired by the Japanese.

Soe Tam Jiak


Soe Tam Jiak located at Somerset 313 offers the Croissant Taiyaki, a cross of the Japanese fish shape snack commonly filled with red beans and the croissant. While traditional taiyaki is made with pancake batter, the croissant taiyaki is made with puff pastry. The end results an airy and buttery taiyaki croissant.


With traditional offerings like Orh Nee (Teochew Yam paste) to Cheese, it is going to be hard to resist the temptation.
313 Orchard Road [email protected] #B3-53
238895 Singapore

Brother Bird

If your palette does not take fish lightly, ever heard of a mochi croissant? 


Brother Bird’s mochi croissant are made with a glutinous rice flour dough mix. The end result, a delectable flakiness of a regular croissant with the inner chewy mochi consistency that still holds its light weight. Brother Bird also offers interesting flavours such as matcha chocolate mochi croissant and Taro-orhnee croissant.

CT Hub 2, 114 Lavender Street, #01-05
338729 Singapore

Still think dollar croissants are pushovers? You’ve got to try the best first.

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