Interesting dining places to bring your parents

Want to treat your parents during their birthdays or special occasions by treating them to a nice restaurant? Thinking of somewhere special? How about a place where it’s not crowded and they still get to have a taste of home cooked food?

Here are a few private home dining places you might be interested in! 

  1. FatFuku 
Photo Credit: FatFuku

Founded by Singapore-based food writer, Annette Tan shares her Peranakan family’s favourite recipes, tells stories about food, and supports local producers and businesses.

Here’s the menu, which they rotate about 7 dishes amongst it.

A few must tries are the crispy mee siam and wagyu beef cheek rendang. It is $95/person and it gives you seven dishes, best shared between five others.

Note that it is best to have bookings 2 weeks in advance so they can cater to your dietary restrictions. Interest to find out more? 

For enquiries and reservations:
Contact: 9387 6399 
[email protected]

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      2. The Ampang Kitchen 

Photo Credit: The Ampang Kitchen

They serve Peranakan food as well! Uncle Raymond and his son David are the ones helming the kitchen, and you can have a scrumptious meal at a 20-seater dining area set in an open-air kitchen.

The lunch menu includes 6-dishes meals starting at $60/pax, and the dinner menu includes 9-course meals that starts at $100/pax. Minimum six diners, maximum 14 pax.

For enquiries and reservations:
Contact: 9618 7107
Email: [email protected]
39 Jalan Ampang, Singapore

      3. Lynnette’s Kitchen

Photo Credit: The Straits Times

Lynnette is an acclaimed violinist who currently serves as co-concertmaster in the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. She is also a very passionate home-cook that has hosted many dinner parties. Now she turned her kitchen into a cosy dining spot for strangers.

The menu may include dishes covering Peranakan (her forte), Italian and French cuisines. Some of the must tries are Spicy Beef Rendang, Roasted Lamb and Stewed Chicken and Belgian Cocoa-infused Tiramisu. (The menu is subjected to change)

The seven-course Peranakan meal begins at $100 per person and a four-course Western meal starts at $120. Minimum of six diners. You have to be referred in order to get a reservation.

However, you still could express your interest here:

      4. Serene’s Supper Club

Photo Credit: Serene’s Supper Club

Inspired by Luiz Hara’s Nikkei cuisine, Serene’s dishes has a cross between South American and Japanese flavours.
Some of the must tries are Sea Bass Rice with Yuzu and Green Jalapeno, Chilli-Marinated Cod Roe and Lumpfish Caviar Spaghetti and Red snapper & Seafood Nabe in Soya Milk and White Miso Broth. 

Her place can take 8 people comfortably, even though she has taken up to 10, which everyone has to squeeze. 

Find out more at:
Contact: 9627 4660