Learn a dance during this special day

Did you know that on the 29th April, it is the International Dance Day?
Pretty interesting right? 

Since Hip-hop and K-pop dances are trending right now, here are a few places you can go for a trial for less than $20 and dance it out during International Dance Day with your friends/colleagues!

  1. BeatFactory Fitness
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Beatfactory Fitness, otherwise known as BFF is a choreography-based class that is suitable for beginners. It is located at the heart of CBD area. 

With an engaging, encouraging and fun environment, you’d definitely learn how to dance and at the same time be yourself. 

Hip-hop, Kpop, Reggae, Street Jazz dance class trials are available! Trial class price is $10!

Check them out & sign up at this website if you’re interested:

BeatFactory Fitness 
144 Robinson Road #05-02
Robinson Square
Singapore 068908

      2. DF Academy

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DF Academy is an established Hip-hop and K-pop dance school with 2 studios and 7 partnering studios in Singapore. 

For the K-pop performing classes, you will be taught a long routine consisting of choreography and formations following the exact same dance steps done by the original artistes themselves.

Classes are taught by professionals who performed in multiple events and won many competitions. Every class is also capped at 15 pax maximum, so you will receive reasonable guidance in a small class. 

They teach not just adults, but teens and kids as well! The first time trial is also $10, however if you choose to try 4 lessons, it would be $50.

If you’re interested to find out more about their different locations and to contact them:

Address: https://dfacademy.com.sg/locations/
Email: [email protected]
Contact number: 87178869 (Weekdays 630pm-930 / Weekends 11am-9pm)

      3. Dance Factory 

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They recently converted into a K-pop dance school in 2017, with 12 studios nationwide and they have a wide variety of K-pop dance classes!

There’s a new category of K-pop which is a little more to the sensual side of Hip-hop, and it’s called K Urban. Its smooth, sleek & swift choreography tells a story in the dance. 

If you’d like to try something new, K Urban might be interesting for you!
They conduct lessons for kids, teens and adults as well! 

The trial is for 4 lessons for $50. 
They are located everywhere in Singapore, check out where’s the most convenient for you here: 

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