Not just a simple toy

Have you ever felt like you just want to do absolutely nothing but stay at home and lay in bed? Yet when you are at home, you get this restless feeling of wanting to move your muscles? 

Welcome to the world of plastic model kits. I am sure you have seen something similar in department stores but brush if off as a toy for kids. Well I can gladly tell you, its more than meets the eye, pun intended. Pla models for short are model kits that need to be cut out from the runners in the box they are in, and assembled to one solid model. Most common are Gundam model kits, from the Gundam animation/novel series which are extremely popular in Japan. How popular you ask? A life-sized model of a Unicorn Gundam was constructed in Odaiba, Diver City Tokyo.


Generally the larger the kit, the more complex it is going to be. For first timers, the 1/144 scale High Grade would be a great starter.

Credits: Gundam Amino

But, as all hobby goes, choose the one that resonates with you. Whether it is small and cute, or big and menacing, there is bound to be one that is out there for yours truly. So take your pick and let the creativity begin. 

Credits : Hobby Link Japan
Credits : Hobby Link Japan

Now where would you procure one of these in Singapore? Head over to a hobby shop like Orbe Station down at
130 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 600130 


With an amazing selection of model kits, and countless models on display, feel free to seek help from the owner for any questions or guides (P.S. the owner was a runner up in the championship competition so he knows what’s up). With the Great Singapore Sale up and about, there is an additional 5% discount *excluding yellow tag items for model kits sold. So, grab your wallets and head on for some discount shopping.

Or just go for online shopping with the Hobby Link Japan website (above), whichever fits your style. In addition, check out their associate web HobbyLink TV ( for reviews, guides and tricks for all your assembly needs.

Here’s a small example of what it means to let creativity run wild.


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