Wine & Dine: A Fairytale Halal Edition

Looking for a new place to dine in? Wanderlost Lounge in Singapore has been gaining popularity recently for their unique concept and menu! 

Located near Tanjong Pagar, this halal eatery offers a wide range of tapas selection that are cooked in a healthier method (grilled and oven-baked). Their menu has two versions – the sharing and individual portion for customers to choose from. They also have a rooftop bar with a wide range of halal mocktails to choose from. 

The Wanderlost Lounge believe in bonding over food, hence they offer sharing portions for their Siracha Snapper, or Twin Tacos. If you prefer indulging in your own dinner portion, they have a wide range of food options such as BBQ Chicken Burger, Salmon Basil and Grilled Lamb Racks. You won’t run out of food to try at this place due to the variety of food they offer! They also have Lava cake, Brownies and Waffles as desserts for you to end of your wonderful dinner. 

Their rooftop bar features mocktails that are inspired by classic fictional stories such as Snow White, Harry Potter and The Little Prince. Served in fancy gold cups with mist coming out of the drinks, the whole experience will be magical! However, they are usually fully booked so be sure to call ahead to avoid disappointment! 

Check out their website for the full menu and to make your reservations: 

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