Time to change that clock!

If you’ve ever gone clock shopping at IKEA and found your eyes glazing over after the first row of samey, round, boring clocks, these two shops are sure to appeal to you! Whether you’re a collector, looking for something to spice up your house or on the hunt for charming antiques, the timepieces at Cheong Ann Watch Maker and The Cuckoo Haus are right up your alley!

Cheong Ann Watch Maker

Photo Credit: TimeOut

Despite their name, Cheong Ann Watch Maker has moved on from watches to specialise in clocks and gramophones. This antique shop itself has a rich history – it’s a family business of 70 years and now, second-generation owner David Lim, 55, and his son Shawn, 23, are forging ahead in the test of time. Their passion fuels the business and every nook and cranny of this shop is decked out with clocks.

Photo Credit: TimeOut

Enchanted by the interesting history of antique clocks, David and Shawn also offer quality clock repair and restoration services, be it for ornate grandfather clocks or rare, 19th century French clocks. Situated at the corner of a row of two-storey pre-war shop houses, take a step into Cheong Ann Watch Maker and be instantly transported to another time.Then, be caught by the tranquillity – time stands still as this father-son duo undertake the precise, focused task of mending clocks.

Whether you’re looking to buy, repair or sell a grandfather clock, there is much to savour at this quaint, antique shop.

4 Lim Tua Tow Rd
Singapore 547714
Contact: 6286 3826

The Cuckoo Haus

Photo Credit: The Cuckoo Haus

The Cuckoo Haus is the distributor and seller of Hones, Trenkle, Schneider and Lotscher cuckoo clocks in Singapore. Those names probably don’t mean much to the majority of you but check out their shop and let the gorgeous clocks speak for themselves. From a beer tavern to a bell tower to a 1920 rendition of a chalet, the clocks at The Cuckoo Haus will capture your heart and have you ooh-ing and aah-ing at every turn.

Photo Credit: The Cuckoo Haus

They don’t just sell clocks either as they offer specialised services in cuckoo clock repairs. As their motto goes: they don’t repair clocks – they “repair”memories. So head over to The Cuckoo Haus to right an old memory or, if your heart desires, find a new one.

702 Upper Changi Rd E
Singapore 486832
Contact: 9756 8886

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